Missouri Archaeological Society

Human Osteology

A Laboratory and Field Manual

5th edition (spiral bound)

William M. Bass (2005)

Revised 5th edition of the classic field and laboratory manual of the human skeleton by a reknowned forensic anthropologist and founder of the "Human Body Farm." Covers all 206 bones of the human adult body.

Remains a favorite reference and text for identifying human skeletal remains and for providing estimations of age, sex, and stature or height. A library and personal bookshelf must for those in the fields of archaeology, bioanthropology, physical anthropology, beginning human osteology and human anatomy, and forensic science. Highly demanded, affordable text used at colleges and universities throughout the world.

Contains 203 illustrations and 64 tables, appendices, references, and index (xviii + 366 pp).  ISBN 978-0-943414-96-6